Component A: Reinforcing the Country’s Emergency Management Response Capacity

Component A1: Renovate and outfit national-level Disaster Risk Management (DRM) facilities;
Component A2: Build, renovate and outfit local-level City Corporation and Fire Service and Civil Defense DRM facilities in Dhaka and Sylhet;
Component A3: Supply, install and integrate specialized Emergency Management and Communications Technology (ECT) equipment for DRM and emergency response within national-level and local-level agencies;
Component A4: Supply specialized search and rescue equipment to local-level agencies involved in DRM;
Component A5: Provide Training, Exercises and Drills (TED) to national-level and local-level agencies involved in DRM.
⦁ Sub-Component A1 & A5 will be implemented by DDM. On the other hand, Sub-Component A2, A3 & A4 implemented by DNCC.