Training, Exercises and Drills

The overall objective of the Bangladesh URP is to strengthen the capacity of Government of Bangladesh (GoB) agencies to efficiently and effectively respond to recurrent as well as large-scale disasters/ emergency events and to improve construction permitting and physical audit processes in Dhaka and Sylhet City.   ​The Urban Resilience Program (URP) is a ground-breaking project that:

    • Assessed the vulnerability of essential infrastructure, public facilities, and lifelines to better guide future investments in retrofitting
    • Equipped national and local disaster risk management agencies with relevant response resources, including emergency operations centers, communication systems, and related training
    • Improved construction practices by integrating disaster risk into development planning and zone processing


A broad cross-section of stakeholders – including senior government offcials, civil society, and technical experts – provided inputs into the outcomes of the project. This broad, collaborative process allowed all participants to share knowledge and best practices, and – equally important – connected technical experts to decision-makers. The program also established a coordination strategy with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency to ensure the fnancing of activities that complemented the URP, such as supporting public and private construction by strengthening different agencies. Component A5 of the URP is to provide Training, Exercises and Drills (TED) to national-level and local-level agencies involved in DRM. The contract for Consultancy Services for Training, Exercises and Drills (TED) was awarded to the Joint Venture of Risk and Emergency Management (REM) Associates – Australia and Development Technical Consultants Limited – Bangladesh (REM-DTCL JV) in June 2017. The outcome of this project is to operationalise the Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS) by mobilising resources and assigning roles and responsibilities in two (2) distinct phases across six (6) training tracks (Appendix A);

Inception Report – Phase-1 (Consultancy Services for Training Exercises and Drills (TED) Program) (Download)

Phase 1 Work Program

    • Task 1.1: Reviewing and finalizing the Training Curriculum
    • Task 1.2: Develop course materials
      • Deliverable 1.2: Comprehensive Course Materials (Download)
    • Task 1.3: Develop a Training Participation Tracking tool
      • Deliverable 1.3: Tracking Tool Initial Report (Download)
    • Task 1.4: Develop Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) planning process
      • Deliverable 1.4: EOP Planning Process Report (Download)
    • Task 1.5: Review and finalize the Training Plan


Inception Report – Phase-2 (Consultancy Services for Training Exercises and Drills (TED) Program) (Download)

Phase 2 Work Program

    • Task 2.1: Conduct of Training
      • Deliverable 2.1: TED Program progress report
    • Task 2.2: Coordinate Supplier Training
      • Deliverable 2.2: TED exercise and drill report
    • Task 2.3: Design and Delivery of Tabletop and Functional Exercises
      • Deliverable 2.3: TED Program sustainability report
    • Task 2.4: Design and Delivery of drills
      • Deliverable 2.4: TED Program performance, monitoring and evaluation report
    • Task 2.5: Design, Deliver and Train EOPs
      • Deliverable 2.5: Modified National and city level Emergency Operations Plans and National EOP guidelines
    • Task 2.6: Institute Training of Trainers (ToT) Program


Training Exercises and Drills (TED) – Project Schedule (Oct – Dec, 2019) (Task-2.1 & 2.2) (Download)


Training Materials




Inauguration Workshop on Training, Exercises and Drills

12th February, 2020

Training, Exercises and Drills (28-11-2019 to 09-12-2019)

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